There is nothing like professionally installed high quality masonry to add a touch of class, distinction and value to your home or business. Stonework is the oldest, and most classic building material in use today. John Ventresca Company has been the mason of choice for many of the largest builders in central California. They chose John Ventresca Company to do their most high value developments and projects. Many builders also hire us to do their own personal residences and business offices. A builder's corporate office represents who they are to the community, to assure their customers of their own commitment to quality, they chose John Ventresca Company and our highly trained craftsman for all the stonework and architectural precast elements on their office. They understand and appreciate our dedicated attention to every little detail and our unsurpassed quality of work.

Take a look at some of the actual projects we have completed in our gallery of work. If you're building a new home or business, or remodeling an existing one, we are confident that you will be happy you made the decision to work with us. 

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